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About Us

In October 2007, Alstom Hydro Energia Brasil concluded the sale of its Irrigation and Sewage Division to an experienced and recognized Directors group of that Division, which created the  tecnologia e equipamentos Ltda.

incorporated also experienced professionals of the division and its intellectual and physical material which along the years has passed through different societary changes, from Mecânica Pesada S.A. to Alstom Hydro Energia Brasil Ltda.

Besides the technology of those companies, has also acquired technologies of international reputation as Neyrpic, Neyrtec, Bergeron and Rateau which were integrated into Alstom.

holds the technology of design, manufacturing, erection or site supervision. Also the commissioning of a large range of specialized equipment and integrated systems under both individual frame or “Turn Key” in the following fields:

• Level and flow control equipment used in channels and reservoirs
Special gates: Amil® / Avio® / Avis® / Mixed® / Cylinder® / Baffle Distributors®, Flow Divider®, Safety Siphons®; Conventional gates: cast iron, carbon and stainless steel gate / Sluice gate / Slide gate / Tainter gate / Stop-log / Flap (Clapet); and Trashrack.

• Flow and pressure control equipment in pressurized systems
Special valves: Quick Closing Non-Return valve / Aquavar® Quick Closing Non-Return valve / Sewage Check valve / Multijet Control valve / Self Centering Disc Obturator® / Equivar® Constant Flow valve / Sonic, Duosonic Air Exhaust valve / Neyrtec® Air Inlet valve / Dorot Control valve / High Efficiency Air valves; Conventional valves: Butterfly valve / Gate valve / Air valve / Fixed-Cone Dispersion valve / Ball valve; and Reservoir with bladder for water hammer protection Hydramer®.

• Lifting equipment
Overhead Traveling Crane, Gantry Crane, Swivel Crane and Monorails.

• Pipelines and Sewage Systems
Pipe with spiral welding, Steel pipe and Special parts with longitudinal welding, Telescopic / Dresser joint and Rigid joint.

currently encompasses two large and modern factories, both ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 certified.

tecnologia e equipamentos ltda
Located in Taubaté – São Paulo – Brazil, of grounds ranging 90,700 square meters, the factory focuses on the production of the equipment cited above, such as: gates, valves, hydropneumatic reservoirs, penstocks, special parts and lifting equipment with the exception of pipes with spiral welding.

tubos e equipamentos ltda
Located at the Pecém Port Industrial Complex in Caucaia – Ceará – Brazil, of grounds ranging 320,000 square meters, the factory focuses on the production of coated pipes with spiral welding and piles with 400mm up to 3,000mm of diameter, 4.25mm up to 19mm of thickness and length up to 18m.